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In the frame of the Banovići Coal Mine in 1962, a "Workshop for maintenance and repair of electrical equipment" used for the excavation and extraction of coal. By separating the "Workshop for maintenance and repair of electrical equipment" from RMU Banovići in 1977, a new company called ELEKTROREMONT was formed.
Initially, the work was based on the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment at RMU Banovići, and
by expanding their capacities and staffing start to provide services for other industrial plants .
With the growth of industry and mines, there was a need for modernization and improvement of the technology of maintenance of electrical industrial equipment.
At the end of the 1970s, the technology of rewinding of high-voltage electric motors, voltage level up to 10 kV, was adopted. With the purchase of new equipment in mining, primarily the dumper trucks and mining excavators, there was a need for professional development of personnel and procurement of equipment for its quality maintenance.
After the professional development and establishment of a technological line for the repair and maintenance of high pressure and low pressure pump aggregates, ELEKTROREMONT received the certificate of the authorized service of the German company "PLEUGER" from Hamburg in 1970.
At the beginning of 1980, staff from ELEKTROREMONT were referred to professional training in the United States in the renowned company "GENERAL ELECTRIC". With the purchase of equipment and tools, as well as professional training of personnel, ELEKTROREMONT fulfilled all the conditions for obtaining the certificates of the authorized service "GENERAL ELECTRIC" for repairing and maintaining electrical equipment on trucks, excavators and locomotives.
In 1985, ELEKTROREMONT adopted a program for maintenance of electro-traction motors and transformers for the needs of railways.
By adapting to the new business conditions, ELEKTROREMONT was transformed into a privately-owned joint-stock company in 2000.
Since the beginning of 2007, ELEKTROREMONT has established a quality management system, compliant with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.
Today, ELEKTROREMONT has grown into one of the largest servicers in the field of electric machines, "Ex" devices, transformers and pumping units in the former Yugoslavia. ELEKTROREMONT is a medium-sized company with 15% of highly qualified personnel.
ELEKTROREMONT has 3,700 square meters of total working area, possesses modern equipment for machining, winding, insulation application, vacuum pressure inverter, balancing machine, equipment for measurement in the process of overhaul and maintenance and test station.
Equipped and staffed, ELEKTROREMONT is ready to provide services in the field of overhauling and maintenance of electrical machines and devices in a wide range, regardless of the size, strength, types and class of insulation, in our workshop and on the ground