Electric measurement equipment

Test stations of Elektroremont company are equipped with a large number of electric measuring instruments (meger, voltmeters, ammeters, watt meters, ohmmeters ...).
One of the electric measuring instruments which we possess and largely increases the quality of our products is "Digital combined instrument DSX 12-RT (BAKER instrument)" for magnetic monitoring of electric rotating machines.

Tester model RT DSX 12 is a combination of a shock wave tester (DSX 12) and a rotor tester of a model of RTI. Both models use integrated digital oscilloscope TEXTRONIX TDS 210 for reading test curves.

Mechanical measuring equipment

In the manufacturing practice in "Elektroremont" workshops, the following measuring methods are used:

  • absolute measurement method
  • relative measurement method
  • direct measurement method
  • indirect measurement method
  • complex measurement method

These measurement methods are applied thanks to the fact that we own a large number of measuring instruments and devices such as:

  • limit gauges
  • graduated gauges
  • auxiliary gauges (gauges with spikes, sounder, altimeter ...)
  • micrometers (measurement possibility from 0 - 1800 mm)
  • comparators (axis and level)
  • SKF TMST 2 Electronic stethoscope

SKF T MST 2 is one of the portable specialized registration devices of periodic effect. This is a sensitive instrument of high quality, whose piezoelectric sensor enables, by noise (vibrations) detection, timely detection of defects on movable parts of a machine or device.

The testing station which is located in a large hall consist of four main parts

  • command-measuring counter
  • three-phase, regulatory transformer
  • three-phase energy transformer
  • electric traction transformer

The possibilities for this test stations are:

  • three-phase AC output 0 - 760 V, 100 A
  • DC output 0 - 500 V, 125 A
  • high-voltage testing (2.5 – 7.5 - 30 kV)
  • frequency converter 0 - 800 V, 200 Hz
  • electrical traction motor testing

Test station for testing pump aggregates is specific in that it has a testing well that enables the check of pump aggregates in real working conditions and recording of QH diagram.