The company is placed on entrance of Banovici town, on 23.330 square meters of area. Busi­ness is taking place in facilities of management building and big hall (area of hall is 3.342m2) as well as in workshop for service pump aggregates (area of 444m2).


All employees have their defined responsibilities in system of quality management. Train­ing of our employees and regular education as well as creation of positive working envi­ronment is our primary concern.


Working enviroment


Working area is divided into technological segments with high working criteria (heating, light, deanliness) and like that, it provides additional motivational factor for employees. Working areas and working devices are adjusted for comfortable and safe work, provid­ing this way, sinchronisation of services with demands.


Constant advancement of working area is one of the continuous company goals. For ter­rain work employees, the usage of company cars with equipment for safe and efficient performing of services is available.


Working area


Elektroremont company has practically ideal conditions for diagnostics, repairing and mainte­nance of electric devices and machines of all types
Apart from that, this firm produces and makes revision of many spare parts, structures and electric equipment.
Every type of work is performed on places defermined for it, i.e. different areas in factory. Every room of that kind is equiped with crane that can hold 15000 kg.
In this way, the best working conditions are ensured, and doing one work doesn't interfere with doing the other.


    • Acceptance, storing, washing and clearing of devices
    • Demounting and mounting of electricand mechanic structures
    • Repairs of LV electric devices and machines
    • Repairs of HV electric devices and machines
    • Repairs of pulling electric motors for electric locomotive
    • Repairs of commutator electric machines
    • Repairs of energetic transformers
    • Hall for repairs of pump aggregates (PLEUGER)
    • Testing stations
    • Storages
    • Tool areas
    • Painting areas


Testing stations


Setting, testing and final control of products is done in specially equiped testing sta­tions. Elektroremont owns two such stations projected as universal objects for com­plete testing of electrial equipment to certain power.
Big differences and wealth of energy source, voltage or current, satisty the need of electri­cal equipment testing according to valid regulations.