Welcome to webpages of Elektroremont d.d. Banovići!

Elektroremont d.d. Banovići is company providing overhaul and repair of electrical machinery and equipment in energy, mining, industry and transport.

 Main activity


Rotation machines:

    • Rewinding of highvoltage electromotors nominal voltage of 10 kV

    • Rewinding of lowvoltage electromotors of all powers with nominal voltage of 1000 V

    • Rewinding of DC electric machines

    • Preventive fixing-service of DC, highvoltage and lowvoltage electric machines

    • Producing of spare parts for rotational electrica machines

    • Rewinding of rotors and stators of highvoltage electromotors, lowvoltage electromotors and DC motors, is done in insulation classes "H"

Pumps and agregate pumps:

    • Rewinding, mechanical fixing, service and diagnostic of submerging highpressure and lowpressure agregate pumps

    • Mounting of highpressure agregats with pumps and other related machines

Machines with electric pulling strength:

    • Rewinding of electromotors and generators of electrical and diesel locomotives (railroad) and trucks (mines)

    • Service check outs, fixing the machines with electric pulling strenght including motorised wheel on diesel and electric trucks

Electric devices with antiexplosive protection:

    • Service and diagnostics of these devices in mining and surface industry as well as its instalation with proper following doumentation after instalation.

Energetski transformatori:

    • Rewinding of dry transformers

    • Rewinding of oil transformers

Other services:

    • Balancing (dynamic balance) of rotational elements

    • Mounting and general fixing of electrical disposal machines and diesel-electrical trucks

    • Measures, diagnostics and adjustment of electrical values with proper protocol papers regarding technical regulation

    • Preventive fixing-service of DC, highvoltage and lowvoltage electric machines

    • Working on electromotor installation wires, enghlightment and signalization on industrial and mining facilities.