Electric collectors

Maintaining, servicing and repairing of electric collectors includes all types of electric collectors for alternating and direct current. These also include special machines, such as multiphase switching engine, amplidyne, frequency converters, voltage converters, etc.

Input of coils electric motor ISVK 644
Input of coils (windings) made in H insulation class, into the slots of the rotor of a DC electric motor ISVK 644-8, 850 kW, 770 V and 1100 rev/min

For the areas of ex Yugoslavia, as well as Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania, we provide the services of maintaining, servicing and repairing electric motors and generators of series 441 and 461 electric locomotives and 661 diesel locomotives. As the official service station of "General Electric" and "Belaz," this program covers also electric traction machines in the mining industry, electro-motorized truck wheels and excavator electric motors-generators.

Traction electric motors ISVK -8, 850 kW, 770 V and 1100 rev / min, 441 series after the overhaul and final testing ready for delivery to the customer.
Traction electric motors ISVK

After servicing or repairing electric locomotives traction electric motors, the same are tested in the test station which is equipped for testing electric motors in idle and under load.

The test station for testing traction electric motors under load
The test station for testing traction electric motors ISVK 644-8 from 441 series locomotive under load with the possibility of monitoring of measurement of electrical, mechanical and thermal sizes in real time. The test station is the work of "Elektroremont" company engineers.