Devices in antiexplosion protection

Failures in electric devices and machines may become effective causers of explosive atmosphere ignition, especially with older machines and devices.

Pit substation
Pit substation where the rewinding of one pole (primary and secundary) is done and the replacement of the installation on low-voltage side, 315 kVA, 6000/500 V.

Company "Elektroremont" as an authorized service station is trained both in terms of personnel and materially to service and repair devices in antiexplosion protection (electric motors, transformers, pumping aggregates, etc.).

A defect in the winding head on the stator of electric motor 45 kW, 380 V, 980 rev/min caused by fan blade break.
A defect in the winding head

The program asynchronous (cage) electric motors overhaul in antiexplosion and protected implementation covers two sets:

  • checking the antiexplosion protection itself (cable inputs, IP protections, testing against heating, testing insulation system and the like).
  • examination of the condition of the rotor cage, the stator winding, detecting eccentricity, checking the condition of bearings, measuring vibrations and the like.
Testing rods conductivity
Testing rods conductivity by instrument 'BAKER' on the cage rotor of low-voltage electric motor 75 kW, 380 V and 1480 rev/min.