Low voltage electric machines

The program of low voltage work includes synchronous and asynchronous machines, single-phase, three-phase as well as machines with a short-circuit and ring rotor.

Testing dielectric winding resistance
Testing dielectric winding resistance of the phases of a low-voltage asynchronous electric motor after winding 3 kW, 380 V and 980 rev/min.

Overhaul of low-voltage rotating electrical machines includes the development and replacement of stator and rotor winding regardless of the winding type, machine type and temperature class. Overhaul also includes the replacement of damaged parts or the development of new parts (shafts, bearing shields, fans, tap housing, connection plates, slip rings and the like).

Low-voltage cage asynchronous electric motor 1.5 kW, 380 V and 1480 rev/min in the final phase of rewinding. Winding head with coils beginnings and ends.
Low-voltage cage asynchronous electric motor

Workshop space for service and repair of electrical low-voltage machines are equipped with modern devices and tools that are used for quality and quick development of coils (windings) as well as their investment in electric motors.

Rotor rewind in low-voltage electric motor
Rotor rewind in low-voltage electric motor 200 kW, 500 V and 980 rev/min.