Specification of works on High Voltage electric machines

Servicing High Voltage electric machines:

  • Testing and Measurement Before Disassembly

  • Disassembly, washing and degreasing of parts

  • Drying of stator and rotor windings

  • Blade bearing control and bearings replacement

  • Final impregnation of winding

  • Cleaning, finishing, adjusting the brush holder and replacing brushes

  • Treatment of sliding rings and balancing rotor

  • Anti-corrosion protection

Mounting and pressing of rectified poles
Mounting and pressing of rectified poles of high-voltage synchronous electric motor from 1250 kW, 6 kV and 1000 rpm excavators.

High voltage electric machines repair:

  • Stator rewinding

  • Rewinding the rotor - by the pole

  • Replacing the rotor winding - by a stick

  • Balancing the rotor

  • Stack packing of stator packages

  • Welding and processing of the case on the measure of the bearing

  • Welding and processing of the shaft sleeve on the bearings

  • Welding of the shaft and making a wedge groove

  • Making or purchasing and replacing (slip ring, fan, shaft ...)