Specification of works on LV electric machines

Servicing Low Voltage electric machines:

  • testing and measuring before disassembling

  • disassembling, washing and degreasing parts

  • drying stator and rotor windings

  • repair and refreshment of winding isolation

  • electric motor parts defects inspection

  • repairing joints, connections and taps

  • replacing the bearing

  • balansiranje rotora

  • assembling the electric motor

  • anticorrosion protection

  • final testing and test protocols

Welding joints after rewinding
Welding joints after rewinding low voltage cage electric motor 132 kW, 500 V and 1485 RPM.

Low Voltage electric machines repair:

  • stator rewind -replacing rotor winding – by rod

  • developing and replacing the shaft

  • welding and processing the shaft to the size of the bearing

  • welding and processing the casing to the size of the bearing

  • welding the shaft and developing the keyway

  • procuring and replacing the terminal box

  • procuring and replacing the fan

  • procuring and replacing the hood

  • repacking stator sheet package