Specification of works on pump aggregates

Servicing and repair of pump aggregates

  • testing and measuring before disassembling
  • disassembling, washing and degreasing parts
  • stator windings drying
  • repair and refreshment of winding isolation
  • electric motor parts defects inspection
  • repairing joints, connections and taps
  • procuring and replacing bearings
  • balancing rotation masses
  • sastavljanje pumpe
  • assembling the pump
  • final testing and test protocols
Pump RC 2000

PUMP RC 2000
Transport of water under a settlement to a consumer is conditioned by the pump equipment. The invention of ecological pump "RC 2000" enables supplying settlements with drinking water to large heights.

Repairing pump aggregates

  • rewinding the stator
  • procuring and replacing the conducting isolator
  • developing and replacing the shaft
  • procuring and replacing the upper sliding radial shaft seal
  • nabavka i zamjena kliznog semeringa donjeg
  • procuring and replacing the lower sliding radial shaft seal
  • procuring and replacing seal sets
  • procuring and replacing the impeller
  • procuring and replacing the diffuser
  • procuring and replacing the cable gland with trumpet
  • welding and processing the bearings casing to the size of the bearing
  • welding and processing the axle stub to the size of the bearing
  • procuring and replacing the tap board