About us



The company Elektroremont Banovići is a collective that grew out of the Banovići Brown Coal Mine. Initially, the work was based on the repair and overhaul of electrical equipment in that mine, and by expanding the capacity, services were provided for other clients as well.

With the modernization of industry and mining technology in BiH, there was a need to improve technological processes, as well as their quality maintenance. At the end of the seventies, the company adopted the technology of making high-voltage and other types of windings, voltage levels up to 10 kV.

With the import of new equipment in mining, primarily high-capacity dump trucks (whose work is based on electric motor drives), there was a need for professional training of staff, in order to perform repairs and overhauls as well as possible. Accordingly, a number of staff in 1980 were trained in the USA by General Electric. At the same time, devices for quality testing and overhaul of electrical equipment were procured, and Elektroremont was the official servicer of General Electric for the Balkans.

In addition to professional training in the USA and Russia, a number of staff also attended professional training for overhauling high-pressure pumps at the German company PLEUGER in Hamburg, which fulfilled Elektroremont’s condition to be PLEUGER’s official servicer for the Balkans.

Since October 1, 1991, the company Elektroremont has been operating as a joint stock company in mixed ownership, and in 2000 the company was privatized and the company was transformed into Elektroremont dd in private ownership.

Elektroremont currently employs 114 workers, of which 15 are employees with a university degree, ie 7 electrical engineers, 4 mechanical engineers, 3 graduate economists.

The company Elektroremont is constantly working on educating staff, improving equipment and repair technologies for repairing electrical machines.

In 2007, the company introduced a quality system in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2000 standard and EN ISO 9001: 2015.